Be SMPL, Not Basic

SMPL [pronounced “sim-puhl”] is the appreciation of the effort required to do things well.

It’s the understanding that it’s just as important what we put in as what we keep out. It's the strict attention to detail and the belief that small things matter. The quiet confidence to appear understated yet stand out. Simplicity often gets confused with “basic” or “less is more”. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. A lot goes into achieving simplicity, and anyone who makes it look easy knows it's not. When it comes to convenient nutrition, we put in the work so you don’t have to.

SMPL Story

SMPL was founded by health & fitness enthusiast Ellis Fried to complement his modern active lifestyle.

Ellis' childhood was split between the hockey rink and preparing for it. He grew up with a healthy kitchen, accustomed to organic foods and green smoothies at a young age - long before it was cool. Tired of throwing away half-eaten energy bars filled with $%!&, Ellis was determined to create a more convenient way to consume truly nutritious organic foods. The idea was conceived in a University of Michigan apartment, but SMPL represents what Ellis has always believed food should be: organic, convenient, zero sugar added, look good & taste good.